About | The Ladies of Dollhouse

Dollhouse was founded by two best friends with a passion for beauty, art, and making people feel good. Their love for the industry started as kids, doing hair and makeup on each other at sleepovers. After starting a freelance company doing hair and makeup, they decided to give back by donating their time and resources to local cancer agencies. Their goal was to ease the battle of every day beauty struggles for woman during chemotherapy. Watching and learning the many hardships woman were encountering with the loss of their eyelashes, Dollhouse decided to create a lash line, Dollhouse Lashes, that was natural, affordable and looked undetectable. On top of creating a solid product, Dollhouse focused on a message that would help boost confidence and spread self empowerment.

From making people feel beautiful with on - location hair and makeup services through DOLLHOUSE HAIR AND MAKEUP or in salon at THE  PARLOUR BY DOLLHOUSE to providing a product for at home use, Dollhouse wants nothing more than to provide every person with love, strength and happiness.

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